New Timeline for Insurance Settlement

Wed, Oct 24, 2018

Several months ago, it became clear that First Church and our insurers were at an impasse in settling the church’s claim for losses from the fire of September 30, 2016; we were unable to agree on the amount due the church for repairing damage to Pilgrim Hall and the Sanctuary. So, on July 18, we called for an independent “appraisal panel” to determine the value of the loss. Under the terms of our policy, the decision of the appraisal panel is binding.

The appraisal panel comprises three members: the church and the insurers each appoint one member, and these two appointees choose the third member, known as the “umpire.” We named our appointee on July 18; a month later the insurers appointed their panelist. However, the two panel members have not yet selected the umpire. The process has been delayed by vacation and travel schedules and other logistical complications. We expect the umpire to be named in the next week. Then the panel will hold a hearing on our claim and issue its decision, most likely in November or December.