News of the Fire

Read a note from Molly (posted 9:30 pm Saturday) with some photos...

You may have heard reports that there was a fire at church. This is what we know at the moment:

The fire is in Pilgrim Hall end of the building in the area of the attic or roof. No one was hurt.

The fire department is at this moment (about 3 pm) still pouring a lot of water on the building. No visible flame and not much smoke. The area is cordoned off. There is significant damage to Pilgrim Hall (where the offices and Large Assembly are). The fire may have also spread to parts of the Sanctuary attic, so water is being pointed in that direction as well.

Most of the staff is gathered near the church being strong and vulnerable together. They will be gathering tomorrow to plan.

Although we don't know the extent of the damage in the Sanctuary, worship on Sunday morning will need to be moved.

Public worship will take place at First Presbyterian Church, across the street (2407 Dana) at 2 pm on Sunday. We will be able to use the parking facility at that church. The memorial for Tom Cook tomorrow (Sat) will take place at 3 pm at Arlington Community Church (52 Arlington Avenue, Kensington, CA 94707.)

All other Saturday and Sunday activities will be suspended.

The news has also spread quickly and we're receiving words and offers of support from many corners. Much appreciated! We will be togeher in prayer!

Watch this space and the First Church Facebook page for updates.