The Paris Pledge Endorsed

At its November meeting the Church Council endorsed the Paris Pledge on behalf of the FCCB congregation.

The Pledge establishes an aspirational goal that our Church will seek to “reduce our carbon pollution 50% by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050.” An initiative of our partner organization, Interfaith Power and Light, the Pledge is “an act of solidarity with global leaders and nations” at the UN Climate Summit in Paris who are meeting in early December 2015 to seek agreements to address climate change. 

According to the Green Ministry Team, we can realistically achieve the goals of the pledge. We currently generate about 70,000 lbs of CO2 annually. Several initiatives currently underway, including energy efficiency lighting upgrades and solar renewable power, could cut our footprint over 50% when fully implemented. 

We also could purchase “carbon offsets” (investments in wind power and methane gas reduction) to achieve carbon neutrality for a relatively modest investment. The vision of our Paris Pledge will help us achieve our goal to protect God?s gift of life on earth. 

You may sign the Pledge as an individual here...