Pilgrim Hall Insurance Update—May 2018

Tue, May 15, 2018

In January, the Fire Recovery Committee submitted a claim to our insurers for the full cost to restore Pilgrim Hall as it was before the fire, a figure considerably higher than the insurers’ cost estimate. The consultants who prepared the insurers’ estimate and the church’s experts have held talks to reconcile the differences between the two estimates.

While the insurers’ estimate and our estimate are both undergoing revision as a result of those talks, we anticipate that they will remain apart. We will continue in dialogue with our insurers, but if we come to an impasse, the dispute will likely be resolved through a form of arbitration that involves a three-person “appraisal panel." If our claim goes to an appraisal panel, the matter will probably be settled in mid- to late-summer.

Watch for monthly updates from the Fire Recovery Committee on this process in the Carillon and on the website.