Pilgrim Hall Updates April 2018

Tue, Apr 3, 2018

Here are updates from two committees that are working on issues related to the fire and the rebuilding of Pilgrim Hall.


Fire Recovery Committee

The church's claim for the Pilgrim Hall loss was submitted to the insurers in January of this year. The claim was accompanied by a detailed 243-page estimate, itemizing all the costs for restoring the building. The insurers’ technical experts are currently reviewing the estimate, a process that may require several more weeks. At this point, the insurers are not in agreement with the estimate, however, they have indicated that they are interested in an amicable resolution of the church's claim. Once the technical review is completed, representatives of the insurers and the church will meet to resolve disputed costs so that the claim can be settled.


Blue Fire Team

The Blue Fire Team, composed of Roger Bash, Lorenzo Llanillo, Scott Sporte and Moe Wright, plus Kara Korbel-Chinula and Leonard Ash as Moderator and Moderator-Elect and Molly Baskette as Senior Minister, is charged with overseeing the design and reconstruction of Pilgrim Hall. The team will be identifying a design firm familiar with church spaces to develop a design that meets the building program needs identified by the congregation and staff while working within a set budget. The work is awaiting news of the insurance settlement as a key component of the construction budget and is expected to begin work in earnest in the summer. Watch this space for more news from the Blue Sky team, and in the meantime, please see any team member with questions or comments, or write to