Providing Spiritual Support

Thu, Aug 10, 2017

As a reminder, since Rev. Rachel is on family leave and then sabbatical until early December, here are ways you can find the spiritual support you need in our community.

Pastoral Emergency Line: Kit and Molly take turns being on call. You can call 510/859-8876 (add it to your contacts!) any time you are in critical need. Whoever is on call will get back to you ASAP.

Office Hours: Both Kit and Molly host weekly office hours (check the Carillon for days/time). This is guaranteed time for 1:1 conversation and prayer about whatever is on your mind (personal, global or church-related concerns or hopes) and also a time to connect more deeply with other folks in the church! 

Befrienders: BeFrienders are trained lay volunteers who are matched one-on-one with anyone who needs a confidential listening presence. Contact Kit to be paired with a Befriender.

Visitation Team: Volunteers visit members of the congregation who are 75+, and/or have mobility issues and therefore find it hard to get to church, and/or who would like a monthly visitor. Contact Louise Halsey ( if you are interested in joining the visitation team or if you would like to be matched with a visitor!

Healing Prayer: We now offer healing prayer every week at Sunday worship. On Communion Sundays it happens during communion; on other Sundays, immediately after worship in the back of the Sanctuary: look for Rev. Elizabeth Felts, most often.

Parish Nurses: Our parish nurses Robin Kempster ( and Demetrhea Terrien ( are available for questions about medical issues and/or referrals to local health resources.