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Sun, May 21, 2017

Childcare and Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, the nursery will be in Loper Chapel from 9:45–11:30 am. Preschool children will be in the East Bay School for Boys (ESBS) play yard May 21 & 28 and June 4. Kindergarten through 6th grade will meet in the Pillar Room (in the EBSB) and classes will begin after the Children’s Moment.

June 4 will be an "all ages" worship, so children older than preschool will stay in the service. Beginning on June 11, all ages from preschool through 6th grade will meet together in the Pillar Room for the rest of the summer. Maps...

Please come get your children right after the service. You can enter the Pillar Room through the Hall of Entrance. There will be no childcare during Learning Hours through the summer.

Youth Groups

Winthrop (high school) and YES (middle school) youth groups will have a closing party on Sunday, May 21 after church. Other than meetings about the Winthrop Work Camp that takes place in June, the youth groups will not meet during the summer.

Social Hour

During the summer, the social hour will take place outside the Sanctuary. Soup will continue to be provided and those with a birthday in the current month are still invited to bring some food to share. Food can be brought to the kitchen that is in the East Bay School for Boys, which you can access through the double doors on the north side of the Hall of Entrance (maps). More about Sunday morning food here…

Adult Education

Groups or classes meeting before worship will have Durant House and rooms upstairs in the East Bay School for Boys. Larger Learning Hour events after church will take place in the Sanctuary, Durant House, the Hall of Entrance or upstairs in the East Bay School for Boys (maps).


The parking lot that many First Church members used on the north east corner of Dana and Durant has been eliminated as UC construction takes place at that location. Instead, if you have a First Church parking sticker, you can park in the Ellsworth parking lot (along Channing under the tennis courts) until 1 pm on Sundays. You can get a parking sticker from the church office. Email Louise at to request a sticker which can then be mailed to you. Soon, we hope to have them available at the Welcome Table in the Hall of Entrance on Sunday mornings.

Paid parking is available in the City garage up the street from the church. First Church community members are encouraged to use parking alternatives so that visitors, those with mobility challenges or young families can park in the church parking lot.

Green transportation is encouraged! The church is served by several bus lines and is a few blocks from a BART station.


Men’s and Women’s bathrooms are just through the double doors in the Hall of Entrance. A single all gender bathroom is in the northwest corner of the Hall of Entrance. Signs will point the way to all bathroom locations.


All rooms we will be using will be accessible by wheelchair. If you park in the parking lot behind the church you would need to go to the front of the church (on Dana Street) to enter (the parking lot is at a level lower than the front of the Sanctuary). Most rooms are on the ground level with ramps to accommodate changes in grade. A ramp to the first floor of Durant House can be accessed from the parking lot. The second floor of Durant House is not wheel-chair accessible.

In the Sanctuary, a ramp leads up to the Chancel on the right hand side. There are several open spots in the Sanctuary for wheelchairs on Sunday morning. The bathrooms in the East Bay School for Boys are accessible.

Staff Offices

Most staff members have offices in Durant House. You can enter up the ramp from the parking lot or come in the front door (which faces Durant Avenue). On the west side there is a gate in the fence. Nate, Louise and the reception desk are on the first floor. Molly and Derek share an office upstairs, as do Kit and Rachel. Private meetings with staff members are still possible. Staff mailboxes are in the main room of Durant House on the first floor. Office hours are 9 am to 4 pm.


Want to find your way around in the church's new configuration? Here are post-fire maps of the church...