Search Committee Elected

At a congregational meeting on Sunday, August 3, the Senior Minister Search Committee was elected. A slate prepared by the Committee of Involvement was accepted in an overwhelmingly positive vote. The members of the committee are (from left to right) Milton Fujii, co-chair, Joe Hesse, Becky Smith, co-chair, Sarah Stuetz, Phil Atkins-Pattenson, Kara Korbel-Chinula, Kathy Helliesen and Nathan Hood (not pictured).

Over 50 people were suggested for the committee and the COI sought to create a committee that was broadly respresentative of the congregation. An eight-member committee is the size suggested by UCC?search and call guidelines and the committee chose to follow that recommendation.

Read brief biographies of the proposed committee here...

The committee met briefly after the vote and their work has already begun.

The members of the Committee of Involvement are Bob Stumpf, Chair, Becky Smith, Phil Atkins-Pattenson, Wendy Atkins-Pattenson, Debbie Woods, Laura Leaverton, Rick Ayer, Cynthia Lloyd and Phil Porter, staff.