Sustaining Givers: How Are We Doing?

Wed, Nov 7, 2018

This year, in our "Last Pledge Campaign Ever" we are striving toward a goal of having 87% of the church's pledgers become "Sustaining Givers," meaning that they have signed up for automatic giving by bank transfer, credit or debit card through Realm. We are also hoping to have 20 new sustaining givers as well—folks who have not pledged previously.

As of Sunday, November 4, we had 97 contributors who had signed up for sustaining giving (shown by the rainbow) and 8 new sustaining giver (shown in the arc below the rainbow). During the Sunday morning service, another 15 people promised to sign up, bringing the total to 112. We will continue to encourage folks to sign up. Watch for more reports to come!

Here's how you can sign up to be a sustaining giver...

Here are some simple instructions for setting up your Realm profile...

If you run into any trouble, call Louise Halsey or Kit Dunbar at the church office (510/848-3696).

Realm is the First Church's new database and provides a whole host of conveniences for both individual members and the church as a whole. For example, if we arrange our contributions in Realm, the tracking and reporting of pledges will be seamlessly integrated.

The church also benefits from the regularity of contributions. It makes planning easier, and helps the church keep its financial commitments.