Progressive Christianity Video Database

First Church Berkeley has amassed a library of videos representing progressive Christianity excerpted from worship celebrations over the past few years. You will find sermons, scripture presentations, musical presentations and rituals.

This database is sortable and searchable by a variety of categories including keywords.

We see this as a way of making progressive Christian content more widely available to the general public as well as being a resource for other progressive Christian churches.

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You may also watch full videos of many of our past services.

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Title Date Time Presenter Scripture Scripture subject Sermon Series Day/Season Video Excerpt Type Keywords Edit
The Bottom of Things Bree Elle Gardner Job 38:1-18 The Book of Job Why Christian? Why Church? Lent 2019 Sermon God, Job, suffering, doubt, certainty, whirlwind, seeing God, tough love
Matthew 2:11-15 Molly Baskette Matthew 2:11-15 Wise Ones Sermon nativity, wise ones, magi, Jesus, Joseph, dreams, mystery, portals, vulnerable, marching orders, escape, warning
It's Not About the Tree Elena Larssen Luke 19:1-10 Zacchaeus Why Christian? Why Church? Lent 2019 Sermon Jesus, Zacchaeus, Marie Kondo, rearranging, tidying, joy, gratitude, transformation
A Mighty Catch Molly Baskette Luke 5:1-10 Let down your fishing nets Why Christianity? Why Church? Lent 2019 Sermon Jesus, fishermen, mighty catch, disciples, sin, sinner, church, progressive Christianity, liberation
Break Bread and Re-member Trust Hilton Luke 22:7-20 Communion Sermon Jesus, breaking bread, remember, communion, Passover, ritual, sacrament, basic needs
Beyond Expectations Kit Novotny Luke 6:27-38 Sermon on the Plain Sermon Jesus, Sermon on the Plain, love, results, outcomes, expectations, curiosity, reality, hope
Living Juicy Molly Baskette Luke 6:17-26 Beatitudes Sermon Jesus, Beatitudes, level plain, favored, blessed, suffering, healing, joy, happiness, challenge
Time's Up Kit Novotny John 2:1-11 Jesus turning water into wine Sermon Jesus, Mary, water into wine, ripe moments, timing, nudge, waiting, vocation, call, injustice, movements
Housing, Segregation & Injustice Phil Porter Joshua 24:13, Jeremiah 22:3 injustice Sermon Richard Rothstein, segregation, homeownership, de facto, de jure, justice, housing, racism, Color of Law, law
It’s Just Us Trust Hilton Matthew 25:34-40; Luke 9:57-58 3rd Sunday After Epiphany Sermon Jesus, poor, preferential option for the poor, homeless, us, them, kin-dom of God, oppression, unhoused