Science and Religion

First Congregational Church of Berkeley and the United Church of Christ have a long-standing commitment to an open and fruitful dialog between religion and science.

Russell.jpgOur congregation is blessed with many scientists, including the Rev. Dr. Robert Russell, who is a member of our church and also the director the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union. Bob is in a Four-Way Ministerial Convenant with First Congregational which means that we honor and support his work as a minister in this special setting. Bob founded CTNS in 1981.

In the summer of 2016, Bob delivered three presentations on the work of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Charles Townes who did important work on science and religion, called "Exploring the Convergence of Science and Religion: Following in the Footsteps of Charlie Townes". You can also watch the three videos of the presentations.

Bob preached at First Congregational on June 8, 2008 and did a wonderful children?s sermon with Senior Minister Patricia de Jong.

  Listen to Bob?s sermon here.  Part 1   Part 2

  Listen to Pat and Bob talk to the children about how many stars there are in the sky.

Find out more about the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences.

Read a statement put out by the United Church of Christ called "A Pastoral Letter on Faith Engaging Science and Technology."