Room Reservations

Beth El interior map detailDuring this time of recovery following the fire that damaged part of the First Church facility, the availablity of rooms and the system for reserving them is being modified. Much of this process can continue to be done online. Rooms can be reserved at certain times at both First Church and at Congregation Beth El (links to maps of rooms below.)

Room availability will change over time, so check here for updates about what is available.

To see if a room is available check current reservations on this Public Room Use Calendar...

If a space is free on the calendar, request room reservations by filling out this online Room Reservation Request...

You will hear back from someone at the church by email or directly.


First Church Rooms
2345 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

Loper Chapel (Evenings & Weekends)
Durant House (Evenings & Weekends)
Pillar Room/Kitchen?East Bay School for Boys (Evenings & Weekends)
Courtyard & Lawn (Evenings & Weekends)
Playground (not able to be reserved but can be used by fccb personnel)
FCCB-Parking Lot (not able to be reserved)

Congregation Beth El Rooms
1301 Oxford Street, Berkeley, CA 94709

See interior maps of Congregation Beth El...
Sanctuary (not able to be reserved, available for large events after church on Sundays 11 am-1 pm)
In Between Room (Sundays 11 am-1 pm)
Beth El Adult Library (Sundays 11 am-1 pm

Public Room Use Calendar
Room Reservation Request