Spiritual Journeys

You won't end up where you started


The journey of the spirit can take us so many different places. It can be up and down, in and out, back and forth?each person?s path is a bit different. At First Church we know what it means to be on that road and we will walk with you in the easy times and the hard. We will help each other see what is most important in our lives.


a banner with the word hope.Worship & Celebration

Sundays are probably the most important
opportunities for us to gather as a community.
Worship is central to our lives. Our Sunday
 creates a rhythm of study and celebration
to open and transform hearts and minds. Also, read
about special seasonal services that happen throughout the year.


Adult Education & Resources

Issues of all sorts?theological, spiritual, social,
political, personal?are offered at First Church.
The Sunday morning Learning Hour at 10 am is a
wonderful place to gather for informative discussions,
as are other times of the week. You will also find
many resources online.

Check here for current programs...
Check here for online resources...


Progressive Bible Study

A group gathers each Wednesday evening at 7 pm in the Small Assembly for Bible study rooted in a progressive Christian approach.


Reclaim! Basic Christianity & Beyond

Reclaim logo

In 2016 the Ministry of Adult Education presented a 16-week Learning Hour series called Reclaim! Basic Christianity & Beyond, exploring Christian history, theology and practice from? a progressive perspective designed for seekers, newcomers and long-time Christians.The series covered a whole range of topics including ?Progressive, Emergent and Convergent Christianities,? ?How We Got the Good Book,? ?Who (or What) is God?? And ?Prayer and Meditation.?

You can view videos of many of the presentations here...


Special Programs & Retreats

Retreats, special educational series and seasonal worship services add to the spiritual resources offered by the church.


Music & Art

The arts offer a unique entry into spiritual experience. Music, story, visual art, and drama are woven into the life of the church on a regular basis.

More about musicvisual art and performance at First Church...


The Labyrinth

First Church offers opportunities to experience the spiritual practice of walking the Labyrinth.This spiritual practice has deep historical roots but is also surprisingly contemporary. Read more about the Labyrinth...


Maundy Soup

Family Programs

The journey of the spirit begins at a young age. We offer a variety of programs and events for children, youth and families.

Check here for programs for all members of the family...


Galen Fisher Library

The church has a wonderful Library with resources of all sorts to support the journey of faith, including fiction, non-fiction, audio books and dvds. More about the Library...


Community Gatherings & Fellowship Groups

We learn much about how to live our lives from others. Gatherings of folks happen regularly for various purposes, including fellowship and service.

What's coming up...