The Labyrinth

First Church offers occasional opportunities to experience the ancient spiritual practice of walking the labyrinth. The winding path of the Labyrinth is patterned after one on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. Labyrinth It is believed that walking the labyrinth was a symbolic enactment of making a pilgrimage.

The Labyrinth is regarded as a metaphor for life. It is a contemplative walk, requiring no previous knowledge, skill or experience. Many people find this a way to relieve stress, to pray, to be open, and to connect with God and their own deep core. Come. This is a new way to experience your own journey, no matter where you are, you are welcome here. Please bring a pair of socks to wear.

The Labyrinth is portable and can be set up in several different places in the church. Its purchase was made possible by a gift from the Cellar Thrift Store.