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Past and current news and events having to do with justice and service.

Rev. Lynice Pinkard Preaches on Pledge Sunday


Watch a video of Rev. Pinkard's sermon here...

Rev. Lynice Pinkard was our special guest preacher on Sunday, November 19, 2107. She is a writer, speaker, UCC minister, chaplain and public intellectual operating at the intersection of Christianity, economics, and social change. She is a graduate of Pacific School of Religion with both an MA and MDiv and is the former pastor at First Congregational Church of Oakland.

A Thanksgiving Giving Opportunity

The Berkeley Food Pantry recently learned that the Alameda County Community Food Bank cannot guarantee having special Thanksgiving items available for purchase by food pantries at greatly reduced prices this year. This means that the Pantry manager may need to shop elsewhere (at greater expense) for items like stuffing mix, canned pumpkin and cranberry sauce to go with the whole chicken which Pantry guests receive.

First Church Marches in Oakland Pride Parade


A bunch of First Church folk marched in the 2017 Oakland Pride Parade in downtown Oakland celebrating the full inclusion of LGBTQ folk in church and society.

They carried the First Church banner and a number of other signs through the streets of downtown Oakland. As they waited to begin they did a Facebook Live stream right into the 10 am worship service.

Several faith groups were organized including several other UCC churches.

Responses to White Supremacist Rallies this Weekend


In the wake of white supremacist rallies in other parts of the country, Bay Area residents are responding to a pair of rallies scheduled for Saturday, August 26 in San Francisco and Sunday, August 27 in Berkeley.

A rally called “Say No to Marxism” is supposed to take place in the Berkeley Civic Center on Sunday afternoon. At this point, the group hasn’t applied for a permit for the event, but it is posted on Facebook and has been advertised in other ways.

“Choral Majority” to Sing in Response to White Supremacist Rallies


Join the “Choral Majority” on August 27 as a mass choir sings in nonviolent response to that weekend's white nationalist rallies in San Francisco and Berkeley. About 100 people gathered in the First Church Sanctuary last weekend to sing together and learn new songs. You may join in even if you weren't at that rehearsal.

Learning Hour on Palestine


In March of this year, Stan Boghosian traveled to parts of Israel, Jordan and Lebanon at the invitation of a relative who used to live there. For the Learning Hour (11:30 am) on Sunday, October 29, Stan will open with a short description of his trip.

Justice & Service Ministry Begins Grantmaking Process

The Justice & Service Ministry (previously named Outreach, Mission, and Service—OMS) is beginning the yearly process of choosing priorities for funding outside social justice organizations. The Ministry will use the same procedures as last year to grant funds to organizations outside the church providing essential services to those in need:

1. Justice & Service Ministry members nominate and vote for an initial list of eight priority areas for funding.