May 17, 2015 • 11 am • Second Helping

David Vasquez-Levy
Sunday May 17, 2015 11:00am

The prophet Elijah was on the run and at the end of his rope, but as he languished in the dessert, begging God for release, and angel visited him not once but twice to bring him sustenance (I Kings 19:1-8). Special guest preacher Rev. David Vasquez-Levy, president of Pacific School of Religion, explores the idea of a ?second helping?. The first gets us through the crisis, the second sustains us for the long haul. How do we extend that kind of ?second helping? care to those in need? He draws in stories of modern-day migration, connecting them to Elijah?s journey through the wilderness.

This sermon is similar, but not identical in content to Rev. Vasquez-Levy's sermon at 9 am on the same day.

I Kings 19:1-8
Scripture subject
Elijah is fed by an Angel in the Wilderness to Mount Horeb
Content Categories
Progressive Christianity
Social Justice
Biblical Exposition
Faith Development